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Sensory Parties & Workshops for All Abilities

Not just for Kids!

Many party activities and children’s party entertainment sometimes unintentionally exclude children with special needs, things like bouncy castles, dance machines, even magicians and entertainers with noisy music, loud microphones, and busy games.

Sand Art is the exception to all of this and activity that every child (or adult) can enjoy equally.

Not just for Kids!

Sand Art isn't just for children. A wonderful tactile activity, it is brilliant for elderly people, or those with dementia or recovering from Strokes. Talk to us about a workshop in your care home.


Not just Sand Art....

Craft and Teddy Workshops too...


Squidgy Sand

Wonderful, playable, mouldable, squidgeable squidgy sand!

Professionally made by the people who make the best-coloured sand for children's activities and arts and crafts.

Fully compliant with the highest of Toy safety standards.

Sold in tubs of kg bag

ideal for Sensory Play Trays and Tuff trays in EYFS Settings


Sandy Phonics

For Early Mark Making and writing

Helps develop coordination, fine motor skills and concentration

using sand to mark make gives children a pressure-free alphabet resource to begin letter formation.

sand can easily be wiped away for children to try again

 use alongside our sandy phonics alphabet cards to assist your child or class to learn letter formation in a fun way


Bath Time Fun

dermatology tested

Risso Powders

Sold in the 3 Primary Colours, these can be colour mixed to create a rainbow of colours.

Ideal for Play trays and paddling pools


Bath Time fun

Bath Time Fun

Mini sponges pop out of the capsule in warm water
Perfect for Bath Time Fun


Kite Workshops

Lets go fly a kite

These Kites are perfect for group Children's workshops and Holiday Clubs 

Sold as a Kit, easy to build and the nylon can be easily decorated by tracing pictures onto the kite or drawing your own with coloured markers.


Make a Bear

Teddy Bear Parties

Our Make A Bear workshops are popular with Parties and Holiday Parks

Each Bear has its own bag of Cuddle Fluff which the child fluffs up and adds to the bear's tummy

Legs, Arms, and tricky heads are Pre-filled as these can be tricky for little hands. 

Each Bear has its own Heart to make a wish upon and placed inside the bear's tummy and a birth certificate. 

I have a Large selection of Bears and I can send a list to take Pre-orders before your event. 


Pebble Art

Decorate and Hide your Pebble

Fun Holiday activity, Panting and decorating pebbles to hide and find along the Promenade or take on holiday to hide for others to find.


Sand Bottles

Mini Light bulb bottle to Large tall bottles

Fun Filling bottles with coloured sand
Makes Ideal gifts and a fun holiday workshop idea for children to enjoy.


Heart Beat Bears

A Popular Option for new Parents

A recordable pressable button is added to the bear's tummy at the front to press and listen to the sound recording.

Perfect for capturing the magical sound of babies' heartbeat, to be kept forever inside a bear's tummy.

Lots of designs to choose from to fit into Nursery deco.


Camper Van Workshops

Perfect for Holiday Clubs

Paint and Decorate your own quality wooden camper van.

Percect Holiday workshop ideaPerfect

Other wood designs available



A Great Option

Our Peer-to-Peer Groups provide the kind of comprehensive support you seek as you navigate your challenges. Our Kids Support Group wants you to feel comfortable and at ease, so let us know what’s on your mind by getting in touch.


Craft Workshops

A Popular Option for Play Schemes

I have a Large variety of craft Workshops available





Seaside/Pirate theme

Rainbow/ Unicorn theme

Dinosaur Theme

Bonfire Night





New Year

Others can be bespoke just ask

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